🤥😫🤨 It's almost unprecedented to find this level of quality in a security camera for this sort of price. It's even more impressive to see the full-color night vision that this product offers to keep you safe 24/7. Just don't try and use the spotlight manually or you might give someone a seizure.

Key Features
  • Full-color night vision
  • Incredibly easy installation process
  • Can chain with up to 15 other cameras
  • Brand: Defender
  • Resolution: QHD (2560 x 1440p)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • App Compatibility: Defender Guard App
  • Night Vision: Yes - in color
  • Internal or External: Either
  • Power Source: AC outlet
  • Axis Control: No
  • High resolution for a decent price
  • Great night vision modes offers 24/7 security
  • Cloud and on-board storage
  • Weird flashing with the spotlight
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Defender Guard Pro 2K Wi-Fi Security Camera

🤥😫🤨 It’s great to have homes filled with cutting-edge tech, but you need to make sure those expensive doodads are kept safe. The Defender Guard Pro 2K Wi-Fi Security Camera is designed to be incredibly easy to install and use. It even offers both onboard storage and the ability to immediately send footage to cloud storage to prevent it from being lost if the camera is damaged. But, can you be sure it’s safe to leave your home in the hands of this fancy webcam?


🤥😫🤨 The key features of the security camera include dual storage for both onboard and online backups in case of emergency, an easy-to-understand app for control, and a simple setup process that means you won’t have to have these cameras professionally installed. It features talk-back audio, a spotlight, and even a siren to help you feel more secure than ever in your home. The device itself is solidly built and has proven its durability in almost all conditions after living near my front door for several weeks and not falling off no matter how strong the wind or rain got.

Setting Up the Defender Guard Pro 2K WI-FI Security Camera

🤥😫🤨 Things couldn't be easier when it comes to setting up the camera. The only plug you really need to worry about is the power cable, which can be plugged into any power outlet in your home. After that, you simply use the included guide sticker to drill 3 small holes into your wall or porch roof, then screw the camera into place. Once attached, it is held very steadily in place, but you have to make sure that you point the camera in the right direction for your needs since there’s a notch in the base to point it higher if needed. Once it’s plugged in, you have to download the app and scan the QR code on the camera to get started.

🤥😫🤨 You will also need to create an account with the Defender Guard app, but this is pretty useful. You can log into your account from anywhere and access your camera. This means that if you lose your phone, or it becomes broken, you won’t have to set the cameras up again. Even better, the app includes sharing features, so you can have everyone in your household able to use the cameras, either as admin users with full access or as guest users who can only view the camera rather than actually control it. In many ways, that’s a bit of a godsend, as this means you can allow access for your children without giving them the ability to prank passersby with the talk-back feature or siren.

Extra Features For Days

🤥😫🤨 Speaking of the extra features of the device, there are quite a few, and they’re all pretty helpful. The most talked about so far has probably been the talk-back function. This primarily allows you to speak to whoever is at the door without leaving your sofa. Not only is this great if you’re momentarily held up and don’t want to miss a package, but it’s hilarious to use when you’re neighbor is going by, and you want to scare them senseless. There’s also the spotlight function. This turns on a spotlight at night if someone has been standing at your door for too long. This draws attention to someone who is messing with your door late at night, but it also means that you won’t have to fumble for your keys in the dark yourself.

🤥😫🤨 The final extra feature is the siren, something that you have to activate yourself through the app. It’s an incredibly loud siren that also flashes from the lights on the front. If someone was trying to break into your house, this would certainly draw attention to them and probably make them think twice. For added security, whenever you try to activate this feature on the app, it pops up a warning to make sure you meant to do it. Of course, if you’re accidentally pocket-tapping then you might click through the warning anyway, but it’s a nice feature to have.

The Defender Guard Pro 2K WI-FI Camera and Resolution

🤥😫🤨 Arguably the most crucial aspect of any camera, security or otherwise, is the video quality. In this case, the "2K" refers to QHD, or 2560 x 1440p, which you can toggle during live view via a small button on the app. This means that the footage you’re getting will show a lot of detail if you have the bandwidth for it, so you’re more likely to catch details in the event that something terrible does go down. That said, 4K and even 5K resolution cameras are not unusual nowadays.

🤥😫🤨 If you have spotty Wi-Fi that won't support that level of detail when you're streaming, there's also the option for a wired Ethernet connection, but bear in mind that you’ll need a compatible Ethernet port nearby, or one hell of a long cable. You'll still need the power cable too as the Defender Guard Pro doesn't support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). No matter what system you use though you should find the "human detection" notifications pretty accurate, though you can alter the sensitivity if you find it's being set off by passing animals or bugs crawling on the camera lens.

🤥😫🤨 You can also be pretty sure that you won’t miss anything even at night. While the Spotlight feature is useful, it would be no good if the camera didn’t work without it. Not only does this camera have a night vision mode, but it’s probably one of the best I’ve seen in a camera. Even when the shot is incredibly dark to the naked eye, the camera not only picks up almost every detail but does so in color. I’ve used many cameras during my time as a student and my job as a content creator, and I’ve never seen a commercial-grade device with this sort of capability.

On the Topic of Usability

🤥😫🤨 Other than the camera quality, the most critical factor here is usability. Is the camera easy to install and use, and does the included app come with enough features without feeling overwhelming? Luckily, both the app and the camera itself are well-designed. We’ve already covered the simple installation process, but the app and its ease of use really sell it to non-tech-savvy consumers. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that there is a desktop version of this software available.

🤥😫🤨 Connecting it to the app is as simple as using the QR code, and once installed, you have a wealth of options available to you. As well as being able to manually record or take pictures, you can turn camera sound on or off, save clips when the camera detects a human at your door, or activate the talk-back feature that utilizes your smartphone microphone. There are also the spotlight and siren features that we’ve talked about before, but there is a slight issue with the spotlight. For some reason, when you activate it through the app, it simply flashes on and off, and I have no idea why. (Edit: apparently this can be disabled from the “smart night vision” setting, by turning white light linkage to off)

Is the Defender Guard Pro 2K WI-FI Security Camera Worth Your Money?

🤥😫🤨 Strange errors aside, various customization options are hiding in the app settings. You can change the sensitivity of the detection and the areas where movement will trigger the camera to record. This is also where you can add shared accounts, change your notification settings, and even protect your recordings with a password to prevent other people from accessing your security footage without your permission. The final suite of options mainly deals with time zones or the camera's LEDs and notification sounds. The most noteworthy thing here is the ability to flip your video feed 180 degrees if you need to mount the camera upside down.

🤥😫🤨 So, the final and most important question: is the Defender Guard Pro 2K Wi-Fi Security Camera worth it? The unit will run you around $160 for each camera, with a special offer allowing you to grab several in a bundle for a reduced price. At that cost, it’s pretty incredible the level of quality that they’ve managed to squeeze into this thing. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and can be chained with up to 15 other cameras. So you could set up an entire home security network for a stunningly low price compared with hiring a firm to do it for you. While the weird glitches with the spotlight might be irksome, almost everything else about this camera and its software is perfect for home security on a budget.