Transforming the look of your Android device doesn't have to cost you anything. Android app icons are one of the easiest things that you can customize on Android.

Custom app icons do make a big difference in how your phone's home screen looks. There are a plethora of icon packs available on the Play Store that are suitable for a variety of styles, but finding a decent free icon pack is quite difficult.


Here is a list of some gorgeous and completely free icon packs that are colorful and stylish, allowing you to personalize your device.

How to Install an Icon Pack on Android

To install an icon pack on Android, you must have a launcher that is compatible with or supports icon packs. Nova Launcher is one of the most popular launchers, followed by the likes of Lawnchair and Apex Launcher, and you can use any of those.

Follow the steps below to install a third-party launcher and use it to apply a custom icon pack:

  1. Download and install a launcher. We're using Hyperion Launcher.
  2. Once setup is complete, open its settings.
  3. Now, select an icon pack by tapping Iconography > Icon Pack.
  4. That is all. You can now see the updated app icons on your home screen.

While we've selected Hyperion Launcher for this tutorial, but you can install any custom launcher from the Play Store. If you're a newbie to Android customization, check out our list of the best minimalist launchers for Android for a good place to start.

Launchers are key to unlocking a ton of personalization tweaks that you don’t get with your stock interface. So, if you're looking to customize even more than icons, we've created a list of the best feature-rich but lightweight launchers for Android as well to save you time.

1. Juno

Icon packs are without a doubt one of the most popular means of customization. And if you like icons that look like iOS and have a gradient effect, you will love the Juno icon pack.

This one-of-a-kind icon pack has more than 2500 high-resolution icons with bright colors. It also provides access to some unique KWGT widget presets, which is a plus. Additionally, this icon pack includes minimalist and appealing backdrops, which enhances its attractiveness.

Regarding compatibility, the icon collection works with all modern launchers. You can also request free icons for apps that are not currently listed in the icons section. To do this, choose the apps and email the app details via Gmail.

Download:Juno (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Voxel

If you like your app icons' drop-shadows more pronounced, Voxel is an icon pack you'd want to check out. Each icon in the set is comprised of a colorful square shape with a white icon casting a lovely long shadow.

Its design enhances the overall home screen wallpaper and gives it an appealing appearance. It offers vibrant icons that are very attractive and stand out, especially with a light background.

To date, the Voxel icon pack has the largest collection, with over 5200 icons as well as up to 20 wallpapers. It contains alternate icons for many popular apps and 25 different icon categories such as Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and more. If you're tired of the conventional shape and design of icon packs, replace your icons with this square-shaped flat icon set.

Download:Voxel (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Moonshine

If you enjoy the appearance of the Voxel icon pack but find that many of your icons remain unchanged, you should try Moonshine. The Moonshine icon pack is a collection of carefully designed icons for every taste. Its popularity speaks for itself, as it has more than a million downloads.

Moonshine is compatible with a variety of third-party launchers. It is without a doubt a beautiful pack that rivals many of its paid competitors. Unlike other icon packs that provide wallpapers from Unsplash, Moonshine offers wallpapers of manually created patterns. Overall, the icons in the pack fit the theme and are a good improvement over the ones that come with stock Android.

Download:Moonshine (Free)

4. Elta

Elta is packed with more than 5000 icons and offers varying designs for different categories such as apps, misc, system, calendars, and more. Besides this, it also provides support for 20 free cloud-based wallpapers.

Elta uses icon masking to match those icons that are not included in the icon pack with the ones that are, to create a visually consistent look on your home screen. However, it simply places those icons onto a red background, which can result in some strange color combinations.

Aside from that, if you've got tons of apps installed on your smartphone, and they are supported, Elta is the best icon pack app for you.

Download:Elta (Free, in-app purchases)

5. Aura

In Aura, you'll find over 2500 icons with an iOS-style design. Due to the gradient-coded style, it looks pretty stunning on dark wallpapers.

Aura offers squircle-shaped icons with a resolution of 192 by 192 pixels. If you've got any apps that don't have replacement icons, it uses masking to place those icons onto a new background to keep a consistent look with all icons of the same style and shape.

It also offers 10 wallpapers and 5 KWGT widget configurations that are compatible with all major launchers, such as Nova Launcher and Lawnchair. That's less than some other apps, but still a nice bonus.

Download:Aura (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Meeyo

Looking for something a bit more high-toned and colorful? Then look no further. The Meeyo icon pack includes various appealing icons that are compatible with any launcher and home screen. It offers over 2100 icon packs and several cloud backgrounds to match.

The collection of flat-styled, clean, and sharp icons will help you refresh the look of your smartphone. If you are looking for creative icons, then this icon pack is ideal for you.

This icon set also features blue and red-themed calendar icons. Once you apply this icon pack, the date on the calendar app icon will change automatically every day. It also works for many system shortcuts, like those for the weather, recorder, scanner, or flashlight.

Like some of the previous apps, Meeyo allows you to submit icon requests, although you can only make five for free.

Download:Meeyo (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Resicon Pack

Resicon contains more than 1,600 icons of superior quality. You have folder icons (for videos, music, games, and tools), different calendar icons, and many more. It covers the vast majority of your phone's system apps and offers many icon choices. So, if you're bored with a design, you can choose a different variant. Resicon doesn't limit how many app icons you can ask for, either.

Additionally, it features over 10 KWGT widgets and over 50 high-quality wallpapers.

In contrast to other icon packs, this one retains the original stock Android color while making minor, basic design changes. It's for you if you don't want to confuse your mind while browsing through your apps yet have grown tired of the default ones.

Download:Resicon Pack (Free, in-app purchases available)

The Next Step in Android Customization

Personalizing your Android home screen is child's play with icon packs. Want a minimalist look? Consider Voxel. Looking for a detailed icon pack app to meet your needs? The Resicon Pack is an ideal option for you. Also, if you've installed many apps and are concerned about icon availability, Elta is the way to go.

Icon packs are an easy way to begin personalizing your phone. There are many more apps available that will enable you to customize Android.