With so much focus on social media and content creation, photo editing-and-sharing app VSCO has listened to what its users want. It is now back with more features to keep you engaged, inspired, and as creative as ever before.

VSCO Relaunches With Added Features

VSCO has announced its relaunch and is bringing new features and updates with it. From community feedback, VSCO has acknowledged its users’ wishes and delivered.

The VSCO reboot includes ways to build a creative community in the app, a creator-first mindset to help benefit creators doing what they love, and a much sought-after streamlined editing service.

What Are VSCO’s New Features?

VSCO has introduced three new features. Let’s tell you more about them.

1. VSCO Spaces

Spaces allow users and creators to share their work in a collaborative way. Similar to other social media platforms, users can comment on your work with enthusiasm as well as constructive criticism or feedback for improvement.

Each Space is limited to only 15 users to ensure constructive conversation and to aid against cyberbullies. You can share techniques and ideas or use it for inspiration.

Spaces can be joined by any VSCO user up to the 15-user limit, but only those with a Membership can create a Space. Spaces can be shared in a view-only mode with other people. This feature will roll out in July 2022.

There are many reasons for photographers to use Instagram, but VSCO Spaces is a great way to avoid the toxicity of mainstream social media and stay in a creative circle.

2. Collage Mode

In May 2022, VSCO introduced Collage as a separate mode from the Montage section of the app, which includes more refined tools.

Using a variety of traditional and digital collage methods, VSCO’s Collage allows Members to get creative with their photos and “reimagine images into visually compelling compositions”. You can add frames, layer images, or add shapes and colors, just like a collage scrapbook.

You can find Collage at the top of your Studio page in the app.

3. Studio Updates

The VSCO Studio is where the magic happens, and it has now been updated for a more streamlined workflow.

The Studio updates include a new edit menu and better descriptions of presets as well as how you can use them for your work, so there’s no more guessing how it will affect your photos. You can create double exposures at the click of a button, among an array of other effects.

It also offers draft support, so you can save your images and come back to them later. There’s also a new auto-save feature for any media type. These features take away the panic when things might go wrong.

Who Can Access the New VSCO Features?

Anyone can download VSCO for iOS or Android. Once you have the app, there are two ways you can access VSCO. The first is with a paid Membership, making you a VSCO Member. The other is as a VSCO User, which is free.

Members can access over 200 presets, the video editor, and more advanced editing tools than a basic User has access to. Users can use the app for free but with limited functionality, including some aspects of the new features. Users cannot create Spaces, but you can join a Space if a Member invites you.

VSCO Memberships cost $29.99 for an annual subscription and $7.99 for a monthly Membership subscription. You can try a 7-day free trial of the Membership.

VSCO Is Prioritizing Creators

VSCO is entering its next phase as a photo editor and community hub for like-minded creatives. VSCO Spaces can inspire you to create and engage with your peers, while the introduction of Collage allows you to put that inspiration to good use in the streamlined editing Studio. There’s never been a better time to use VSCO.