We've all got a device, or devices, that we couldn't live without. Phones, laptops, washing machines, and even smart watches have become integral parts of many people's lives.

But with ingenious and useful inventions, you'll also get the odd piece of tech that makes us think: "but why?". These products can often be very entertaining to read about, and sometimes downright hilarious.


So, we've put together a list of the top 12 weirdest tech gadgets of all time. Keep reading to have your mind either blown or baffled.

1.The HushMe

The HushMe may look like a futuristic face mask, but its function lies far from anti-viral fashion. It's designed to block the sound of your phone calls in public.

The idea is that you place the HushMe, which connects to your phone, around your mouth—with connected headphones for audio. You can then take your calls without dealing with eavesdropping.

However, the it has been proven that the HushMe doesn't actually block sound. And for its price point of over $100, you'd really expect it to be able to live up to its one and only purpose. Aside from that, it's really just a funny-looking muzzle.

2.The Pavlok

While the Pavlok may look pretty funky, its purpose is a little less fun. This band is designed to create good habits, and break bad ones, in a pretty unconventional way. The band actually gives you a small and safe electric shock every time you are about to give into a bad habit. Yep, an electric shock.

Though the premise here seems pretty weird, many people have actually benefited massively from the Pavlok. It is often used for weight loss, quitting smoking, and breaking other common bad habits. Definitely weird, but also pretty smart.

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3.The Quoobo

The Quoobo is... unusual. This fluffy pillow has an attached tail that actually wags back and forth. While this may sound off-putting to some, the Quoobo is actually designed to comfort users by imitating a pet. The official Quoobo site even calls this "tail therapy"—not exactly a term you hear often.

4.The Nabaztag

Put simply, the Nabaztag is a rabbit that connects to the internet. This device was a sort of rudimentary digital assistant, created years before other smart assistants like Amazon's Alexa.

The Nazbatag can download weather forecasts, read its owner's emails, and perform a number of other tasks. However, the device wasn't too much of a success, and has since been decommissioned. We have to admit, though, it's pretty cute.

5.Hatch Baby Changing Pad

Yes, now baby changing has entered the world of tech. This smart baby changing pad allows you to track your baby's food intake, weight, diaper changes, and other health or lifestyle factors. While the idea itself seems that it could have something going for it, the changing pad's high price point definitely calls its necessity into question.

6.The Smart Belt

Ever looked at your belt and thought: "I really wish this thing could connect to my phone"?


We didn't think so.

However, there is indeed a belt out there that can connect to your phone and log a number of different factors, such as your waist size, sitting time, and time spent wearing a belt each day.

Surprisingly, people kind of seem to like this idea, with the original Indiegogo pitch getting over twice the required funding. Who would have thought an electronic belt would be a hot commodity?

7. The Quirky Egg Minder

This one's pretty out of left field. An egg tray that connects to your phone, and then sends you notifications when you're low on eggs, or when your eggs are about to go bad. This smart egg tray is also surprisingly affordable. Digital egg monitoring on a budget, right?

8.Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock

Imagine being begrudgingly awoken in the morning, then leaning over to turn off your alarm clock, only to realise that the alarm clock isn't on the desk. It's on the floor, and it's rolling away from you, all the while still blaring a loud wake-up tune.

Well, with the Clocky rolling alarm clock, you can have that same experience every morning. This device is designed to roll away from you while ringing, forcing you to run after it to turn it off. And then, boom! You're up and awake! We can't knock the idea, but we wouldn't be too impressed if it was us chasing it in the morning.

9.The Somnox

The Somnox is a robotic pillow essentially designed for cuddling. The idea behind the pillow is that it can help people sleep better, with its calming nature sounds, and its ability to mimic breathing. A breathing pillow certainly is a unique Christmas present if you're looking to really surprise someone you love.

10.Toilet Night Lights

Ever had trouble finding the toilet in the middle of the night? Well, with the toilet night light, now you can be sure that you won't have that issue anymore. The toilet night light has a number of different colours to choose from, so that you can have the light-up loo you've always wanted.

While this may seem pretty weird, the idea itself isn't too silly. No one likes turning the light on in when it's still dark outside, and feeling your eyes burn for half a minute afterwards. What's more, this gadget is pretty affordable. Funky and under budget!

11.The Y-Brush

This one looks like a retainer with an edge. And in a way, it is. This little gadget is designed to brush every tooth in your mouth without you actually having to, you know, brush your teeth. You simply place the device in your mouth, and it gets to work.

But, this doesn't come cheap. The Y-Brush typically costs over $100. We might just stick to manual brushing for now.

12.The Moodmetric Smart Ring

The Moodmetric smart ring goes beyond your average piece of jewellery. This device is designed to both monitor your feelings and help you manage your emotions. The ring can connect to your smartphone, and can apparently identify which emotions you are feeling at any given time.

While the idea itself seems wholesome, the whole idea behind this device begs the question: do any of us need a ring to let us know what emotions we're feeling?

There Are Weird Products in Every Industry, and Tech is No Exception

These products are weird, for sure. But they're also proof that technology can now play a role in essentially every aspect of our lives. Whether it's brushing your teeth, buying eggs, or even wearing a belt, you can digitize your life entirely (if you've got the cash). Who knows what other weird and wonderful gadgets lie ahead?